Fed up of work? 9 signs corporate life isn’t for you

Zeta Yarwood
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Society tells us life has a set direction. We go to school. Go to university. Find a job in a reputable company. Get promoted. Work our way to the top. And hopefully retire around 65.

However, we have entered a new age. An age of entrepreneurship, technology, social media and personal development. An age where education is no longer considered ‘essential’. Where people are going out on their own instead of joining a company.


An age where people are focusing on happiness and fulfilment instead of money. An age where people are asking – “am I really suited to corporate life, or am I destined for something else?”

Here are 9 signs corporate life isn't for you:

1) You feel out of place

Whether it’s in terms of your personality. Your ideas. Your values. Or your thinking. If you’re already questioning if you fit into a corporate environment, there’s a chance you were destined for something else.

2) You’re pretending to be someone you’re not

Sometimes we believe we need to be someone we’re not to fit in. To be accepted. Respected. Promoted.

But being someone you’re not is exhausting. And stressful.

Not sure if you’re being authentic at work? The DISC personality test will tell you who you are naturally Vs when you are in front of others.

3) You hate the lack of freedom.

If you dislike not being able to do things your way. If you perceive your boss or company as short-sighted, unimaginative or backwards in their methods or thinking. Or you feel stifled and unable to express your creativity or ideas. Then there’s a chance corporate life isn’t for you.

4) You have a rebellious streak

Sometimes rebellion is a sign of immaturity and ego. However, if backed by the right intention – it can lead to greatness.

Change only ever happens when we are brave enough to push boundaries. It's the rebels who change the world.

If you have this burning desire to prove others wrong and achieve the unthinkable, maybe it's time to go for it.

5) You’re bored of company politics

“You have to play the game if you want to get promoted.”

Unfortunately, the bigger a company gets, the more power struggles there will be. It’s part and parcel of corporate life these days.

If you’re sick of the political games. The popularity contests. The campaigns for allegiance. The sucking-up. There’s a strong chance you were destined for something other than corporate life.

6) You feel like you’re living groundhog day

Get up. Go to work. Produce. Go home. Eat. Bed. Repeat.

If you’re bored of the 9am to 6pm. Doing the same menial tasks day in, day out. Or you hate feeling like just another number. Desperately wanting to make a difference and be valued for it. Perhaps the corporate environment isn't for you.

7) You hate your job

You’re frustrated. Demotivated. Possibly even depressed. You hate what you’re doing and hate yourself for doing it.

Maybe getting a different job in a different company would solve the problem. But maybe all of the above are signs you were destined for something outside of corporate life.

8) The stress is getting to you

The office feels like a highly-pressurized chamber waiting to explode. The buzz of stress hits you like a punch to your stomach as soon as you walk through the door. And while you want to remain as calm as possible, it’s hard to not get affected by it.

Some companies have got it right and have created a great working environment. But they are few and far between. If you want away from the corporate stress, a career change might be for you.

9) You’re don’t want to follow someone else's dream anymore

“Why am I doing this?” “Who am I doing this for?” “Why am I earning money for this company, when I could be doing it for myself?”

All perfectly normal and natural questions for someone who was meant for something other than corporate life. The question is, when are you going to do something about it?

Many people thrive in the corporate environment. They love being part of a team all working towards the same objective.

For others, corporate life doesn’t fit with who they are or what they want.

There is no right or wrong. Good or bad. It’s simply about figuring out what’s right for you.

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