WATCH: 5 foam roller moves you aren’t doing, but should

Vahdaneh Vahid
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If you’re seeking relief after a tough gym session or after your regular sports match, then, foam rolling can help ease your discomfort and even speed up recovery.

Applying pressure to the muscles with a dense foam roller or ball is a type of self-myofascial release, or self-massage.


The goal is to boost circulation of blood to the muscle. You will improve tissue mobility and in turn improve performance in whatever event you’re doing and help you prepare for the next round.

1. Quad Muscle
Lie facedown on the floor.
Place a foam roller perpendicular to your legs, with your right upper thigh resting on the roller and the left leg bent at the hip and knee, resting lightly on the ground to your left.
You should be balancing on your forearms with your core engaged.
Begin by rolling two inches to the front of the mat and then two inches back.
While holding the roller still, slowly bring your right heel towards your glute and then lower it to the ground. Repeat two to three times on the right side.
Repeat movements on the left side.

2. Glute Muscle
Sit on the floor and place a lacrosse ball or massage ball under your right glute. Legs should be bent and your feet should be resting lightly on the ground.
Your hands should be placed on the floor behind you.
When you find a tight area, pause and then too improve mobility bring your right knee out to the side and lift up your leg.
Bring it back into the regular position.
Repeat movements on the left side.

3. The Lats
Lie on your right side on the floor with the foam roller under your armpit and extend your arm away from your body above your head.
Slowly roll back and forth to find a tender spot.
Hold on tender spots for 30-60 seconds until the discomfort is reduced.
Repeat movement on the left side

4. Calf Muscle
Sit on the floor with your left leg bent and your right calf resting on a foam roller
Support yourself by placing your hands on the mat slightly behind you.
Shift some of your weight from your resting left leg so you have some pressure on your right calf and roll yourself forward one or two inches so the foam roller gets closer to your knee.
Slowly move the foam back to the starting position above the achilles tendon.
When you find a tight spot, flex and extend your ankle
Repeat on the left side.

5. Plantar Fascia (the foot)
Place a laccrosse ball under the right foot
If you need to you can place your hands on the wall or chair to help you balance
Start at the front of the foot near the toes and work your way back to the heel
Put good pressure on each spot—the medial, center and lateral positions—for 15 seconds before moving to the next area.
Then, roll the ball back and forth over the entire foot.
Repeat on the left side.

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