VIDEO: Tired of push-ups? Here are 8 variations you might want to try

Vahdaneh Vahid
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A push-up is bodyweight movement that primarily targets the muscles of the chest, arms, and shoulders. It is great for increasing strength and has the added benefit of engaging the core muscles. Since it only requires your bodyweight it can be performed just about anywhere—here are 8 different push-up variations to liven things up.

Perform 4 - 8 repetitions


rest 60 - 90 seconds between each set

2-3 sets in total

Keep, your core braced the entire time

Try to always lead with your chest and do not allow the neck to sag down

If your hips sag at any point during the exercise, your form has been broken. When this happens, consider that your last repetition and end the set.

1. Hindu Push Up
2. Medicine Ball Push Up
3. Diamond Push up
4. Push Up Holds
5. Renegade Row Push Up
6. Dog Bird Push Up
7. Bottom Up Push UP
8. T Push Up

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