VIDEO: Want to stand taller? Here are three exercises to improve your posture

Vahdaneh Vahid
Vahdaneh Vahid
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You will need a foam roller for all these exercises

1. Supine pec stretch and belly breathing

Make sure the base of your head, your mid back and your tailbone are all supported on the foam roller. Focus on breathing into your belly for 10 deep breaths.

2. Thoracic extension

Place the foam roller across your mid back

This is your starting point

Support your neck! so that your head does not extend back

Perform 2-3 reps on each joint as you slowly move up the back

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT extend back through the lumbar spine - tuck your pelvis under and draw in your belly button to prevent this.

3. Feldenkrais shoulder/spine integrator

Bring hands together and extend them out from your shoulder, as you move towards the shoulder begin to rotate your spine as far as you feel comfortable

Perform 10 reps on each shoulder

Each rep aim to go a little further

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