Take off in style: the pocket-sized ‘travel etiquette guide’

A new pocket-sized book on appropriate etiquette while traveling gives pointers for a smooth trip

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Do you consider yourself a “modern traveler?” Well, even if you don’t know what that means, here’s something that you may find useful.

A new pocket-sized book on appropriate etiquette while traveling wants you to have a smooth trip, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

balsam khalil
balsam khalil

“Travel Etiquette: A Guide for the Modern Traveler” is a handy, CD-sized book by Lebanese Etiquette expert and Dubai resident Balsam al-Khalil.

It may be small, but the book is packed with pages of do’s and don’ts for children and adults, which includes advice on what to pack, how to have a fuss-free airport experience and how travelers can keep their best behavior on a plane.

In an interview this week, al- Khalil – who is also a regional representative at Bank Beirut - explained what prompted her to write the book.

“Despite having a professional background in finance, my personal interests from a young age developed around the concept of etiquette and how one can look beautiful and act appropriately,” al-Khalil said.

“I then studied this later on in life and was able to write the book. I wanted it to have a sense of fun and be accessible and enjoyable for readers of all ages.”

“I wanted this guide to be small and light, so it would be handy for readers to carry along, read on the plane or pop in their bags. It’s a book about travel, so ultimately I wanted it to be travel-sized.”

“It starts right from when people are picking a travel destination, guiding them on what to do at the airport.”

Accompanying the pages are fun cartoon illustrations featuring a female character, called Miss B, on her travel etiquette journey.

“I named the character after the first letter of my name,” said al-Khalil, owing to the fact that book is the fruit of her frequent travels.

The book was launched both in Dubai and Beirut this month and is already in its second print. Al-Khalil is already planning a second book on etiquette but feels that this book is highly useful at a time when globalization has made world travel a necessary leisure and work activity for many.

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