This Egyptian vlogger traveled to 30 countries in four years

Shounaz Meky - Al Arabiya English
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Yara Yehia seems to have the ultimate dream job to many people. As a full-time Egyptian travel blogger, Yara promotes a list of destinations where travelers can find luxury for less through her social media feeds.

Although she is just 28 years old, Yara has already visited over 30 destinations in Europe and Asia during the past four years.

Speaking to Al Arabiya English from Malaysia, Yara says traveling is “life,” and is worthy of defying traditions to learn new things, and exploring new cultures.

“I never realized the significance of traveling until I actually did at the age 23 when I had the first trip to Greece. At this stage I understood why spending on traveling more worthy than anything material.”

“Until you realize how much exposure and experience it gives you, you start to understand that I can spend my money on traveling more than anything else.”

“Traveling changed me in too many ways. I used to judge people so much, but it has changed that in me. I now cherish people from different backgrounds, religions and cultures, realizing how tiny we are to the rest of the world, and nobody to judge anyone.”

After studying bio-technology in Cairo University, Yara’s career course changed after she started her “Hezaha W Safer” YouTube channel-- aka “Move it and travel” in English. Her followers are from Saudi, Morocco, Jordan and mainly Egypt.

As a traveler, she does not stay in one place for too long. Together with her husband, Sameh, they produce 4-8 minute videos of everything you need to know about various locations around the world.

“Our videos reduce the research time you need to do if you’re planning to travel on your own. You need at least need 10 days of extensive research about the destination you’re going to, such as visa regulations, food places you’d want to visit, where to stay...”

“We try to give you all the information you need to travel, and how to do it really cheap.”

In a vlog on her trip to the Maldives, Yara offered her audience tips on how to explore the destination and spend only 5,000 Egyptian pounds. Around 80 couples told her that they did “exactly what she did” in the video, and enjoyed their time.

But things have changed compared to a year ago, when Egyptians traveling to Europe and Asia was “at its peak,” she said. “Egyptians were all over the place exploring the world, but this has declined now due to the economy,” Yara said, citing current currency fluctaiontions.

For many Arab parents, the idea of letting their daughters travel on their own is terrifying.

“All mothers are usually scared when their daughters want to travel. But I always say that it is most of the time is is safer outside Egypt, than being in the country.”

“I was lucky enough that I faced no pressure from my parents or my husband. I tell girls you don’t need anything special to travel on your own, you just need to be strong and not let go.”

Among the tips she gives for women travelers in the region, is to determine your interests in traveling, and what you enjoy the most, exploring nature? or discovering cultures and history?

She recommends destinations in South-East Asia to Arab girls who wear the Islamic headscarf, describing it as safe from of king of racism.

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