Iconic Dubai Frame opens on January 1

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The Dubai Frame, the UAE’s latest landmark boasting a 150-meter tall, rectangle outline building officially opens on the 1st of January.

The frame overlooks the whole city allowing you to take in the panoramic views of both sides; old and new Dubai. Inside the frame includes the Dubai past gallery, Dubai future gallery, sky deck, a souvenir shop and a social media wall.

This latest of the city’s iconic buildings will offer visitors a window that shows the old and new city and a peek of Dubai’s future for the next 50 years.

Dubai Frame, also known as “Birwaz Dubai” welcomes its visitors with the country’s national anthem and displays a set of documentaries presenting UAE’s history. The building encompasses a museum showing precise details of the transformation the city has gone through, starting from a fishing village, and ended up being an extensive metropolis.

From one side of the Dubai Frame is an ascending elevator that takes its visitors all the way to the Sky Deck level to see Dubai’s clear view from all angles, north to south and east to west.

Reality activated windows are also available for those who don’t want to go all the way up to the sky deck and are afraid of heights.

To go back to the ground level from the other side of the frame, visitors will be able to view the Future Dubai Gallery which has the purpose of portraying the city 50 years into the future. Using virtual reality technology and interactive projectors, a virtual version of the metropolis is created in this gallery.

Entry fees for adults are 50 AED, and 20 AED for children between the ages 3 and 12. Any senior visitor and/or disabled person enter the building free.