Saudi Ad-Dawadimi unlock new excavations of minerals dating 1200 years

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The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage revealed on Saturday that new discoveries unearthed in Ad-Dawadimi town, in Riyadh province, showing that it was a mining area from where minerals were exported from 1,200 years ago.

The town which is home to more than 35 archaeological sites including rocks’ engraving of different kind of animals and historical writings, has attracted since the late 70s, archaeologists who showed immense interest in the area which underwent scanning and excavations in Masel site which is known by the name Jabal al-Jamah, 40 km southeast of Ad-Dawadimi.

Historical events about the region referred to its being famous for minerals like gold and silver especially in the northern part of the Jabal al-Soodah in southwest the region.

Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage said the new archaeological discoveries of the first phase of the exploration project at Halit archaeological site in Ad-Dawadimi in Riyadh province proved its importance from the unearthed different architectural remnants in the area.

The head of the excavation team and the manager of the national heritage department in the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in Riyadh area Ajab al-Outaibi said that the excavations reveal the existence of a mosque similar to mosques built during the early Islamic period, in the middle of a settlement of what used to be houses with yards and storage with ovens for metal melting.

Also it included other findings like Glass and other ceramic implements, and precision tools such as beads and glass beads, which give an initial impression of economic and commercial mobility in the settlement

Al-Outaibi pointed out that a number of inscriptions and Islamic writings were documented around the site, pointing out that these writings give a new dimension to the history of the region and its civilization during the early Islamic period.

He went on to say that the pottery that was discovered on the site was studied and classified and it emerged from the preliminary results that it can be dated to the early Umayyad era The Abbasid.

Al-Outaibi said that the exploration project at Halit site in Ad-Dawadmi province focuses on the excavation work in the fenced area of the archaeological site which is 600 m in 100 m, indicating that the objective of the project is to verify the density of archaeological findings and uncover the tools and means associated with the mining work.

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