IN PICTURES: Flowers bloom in this Saudi desert following rain

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Rains on al-Qassim region in Saudi Arabia surfaced the beauty of blossom flowers which normally grow in rocky environments, and sometimes in sandy ones.

The gorgeous views, documented by the photographer Mohammed al-Bahlal, show blossom flowers on the foothills of mountains west of Qassim region.

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In an interview with Al Arabiya, Bahlal said: “I captured shots of those flowers on the foothills of mountains, it’s called ‘Barbarea vulgaris’ and it’s an herbal annual plant which is normally 10-50 cm tall and has a purple color, but on rare occasions it’s yellow.”

Bahlal is a traveler and an amateur photographer who likes to capture photos of nature and interesting geographical areas such as volcanos and cosmic changes.

Ever since childhood, Bahlal loved taking pictures of rain, clouds, and torrents, and he aims to specialize in this field.

Bahlal spoke about his hobby saying: “I’m one to snap shots of mesmerizing views, where the picture embodies the beauty of the desert. I tend to use drones, filters, and different lenses to publish pictures that capture the attention of followers on social media.”

Among other photography projects, Bahlal has captured photos of volcanos with heights reaching up to 2200 meters in the area of Harrat Khaybar north of Medina.