Video: ‘Car Baked Cookie’ campaign in UAE seeks to protect children

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The ‘Car Baked Cookie’ campaign by a Dubai-based company is seeking to illustrate the dangers of leaving children in cars as temperatures soar during the summer season, Gulf News reported on Wednesday.

The campaign by AW Rostamani Group, whose motto is “If it’s hot enough to bake, it’s hot enough to cause death,” shows how blazingly hot it can be when a car is parked under direct sunlight by literally baking cookies on the dashboard.

The campaign warns that children are far more vulnerable to temperature changes than adults, as their smaller bodies heat and cool quicker.

Inside confined, unventilated vehicles, temperatures can reach up to 80C. For children, their brains and major organs can be damaged within 10 minutes if their core temperature exceeds 40C.

Just a couple of degrees more than 40C, death is another perilous risk.

“The loss of a child is a tragic event for every family but all the more heartbreaking when it is avoidable. We at AW Rostamani share in the grief of parents who have lost young ones in this way, but the answer is simple — never leave your child unattended, especially in a vehicle,” said Michel Ayat, Director of AW Rostamani.

Ayat added that he hopes parents remember ‘Car Baked Cookie’ and make sure they never leave their children behind.

In the United Arab Emirates, a number of children have died because their parents had left them in cars parked under direct sunlight. The latest tragic incident was in July when a three-year-old Yemeni boy suffocated to death after his parents left him in the scorching heat of a locked car.