US Muslim family angry at CNN report implying wife is ‘terrorist’

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee urges news networks to practice diligence

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An American Muslim family expressed its anger after a CNN video used a personal clip of one of its members - the wife - in a video report on ISIS, alleging that it implied she was part of the militant group.

The family took their case to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) for redressal.

“Imagine seeing a video about ISIS recruitment, and suddenly, there’s your picture,” ADC’s Policy Director Abed A. Ayoub told The Daily Dot, a local US news website.

“She was shocked at first, angry, and there’s a sense of disbelief by her husband as well,” Ayoub added.

The US Muslim family is still stumped about how an old clip of the wife singing the American national anthem found its way to be part of a CNN video coverage detailing a report on the French “super-jihadist” Omar Omsen.

Ayoub warned of the “consequences” of the news channel’s slip-up, especially its impact on the family’s children.

“If somebody at school sees this or in their neighborhood sees this, and all of a sudden, they think, you know, that their mom is a terrorist. These mistakes have consequences,” he said.

The ADC requested CNN to remove the video and issue a statement on the couple’s behalf.

The video has since been deleted, but The Daily Dot reports that it is “not immediately clear if the video had been included in a televised broadcast,” nor it is apparent if the footage had been originally used by ISIS before being republished by CNN.

In a statement released on Twitter, Ayoub thanked CNN for its “prompt response on this matter and willingness to work with us in resolving the issue.”

He wrote that he hoped that, in the future, “all news networks practice diligence and understand that their portrayal of Arab and Muslim Americans leads to real life consequences.”

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