How Saudi FM Adel al-Jubeir’s eloquence always refutes Iranian claims

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Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir reacts firmly to Iranian policies that constantly try to tarnish the reputation of Saudi Arabia.

After each press conference, the media attentively awaits the statements of the Saudi minister and his firm responses to Iran’s political stances.

The spot-on responses by Al-Jubeir made him become a media darling at international forums because of his eloquent and calm political ability to convey his ideas and reactions, especially when addressing the Iranian continuous attacks on Saudi Arabia.

Al-Jubeir has always emphasized that the Iranian regime shouldn’t dare to accuse any country of aiding terror, especially when Iran sponsors terrorism and has been repeatedly condemned by the United Nations for doing so.

Moreover, the history of Tehran is full of interferences and hostility against Arab countries, which are always accompanied by destruction and killings.

Al-Jubeir had often stressed that the relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran are subject to Tehran behaving objectively without interfering in neighboring countries’ issues.

According to media planning advisor, Dr. Sultan Hamza, “the responses of Saudi Minister Adel al-Jubeir, represent a highly transparent media icon combined with solid knowledge that respond to Iran’s rumors and accusations.”

He added that “Jubeir does not need to threaten or intimidate anyone because he relies on irrefutable facts, and he has always managed to turn the tables on the Iranian media accusations.”

Hamza explained that “the quiet and clear statements of the Saudi Foreign Minister reflect a state of confidence from the Saudi side,” noting that “Jubeir’s conferences show that the Foreign ministry is keen on clarifying its policies in a transparent way.”

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