Messaging application WhatsApp not working, users say

WhatsApp’s team said on Twitter that the application was ‘currently experiencing server issues’

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Users of popular messaging application WhatsApp reported that the service no longer worked late on Saturday, just days after the application was snapped up by social media giant Facebook.

While WhatsApp's offficial account on social networking site Twitter was silent over the outage, a non-verified account - with over one million followers - wrote that the application is “currently experiencing server issues.”

“We hope to be back up and recovered shortly,” the message adds.

Locked out of the popular service - which claims to have over 450 million users - many turned to Twitter, saying that the outage was related to its recent acquisition by Facebook.


One Twitter user said “now, everyone is on twitter because whatsapp isn’t working,” while another lamented “When I wake up I want my #whatsapp back”

Other users circulated satirical pictures criticizing the application.

Some users claimed that the whole outage was a ruse for Facebook to get more people on their own website.

“I hate to join the conspiracists but it is strange #whatsapp has never had a problem and suddenly its not working now #facebook own it,” one Twitter user wrote.

Some, however, reminded WhatsApp devotees that there is always a handy solution to the outage.

“Reminder: WhatsApp is installed on a device known as a telephone. There is no need to freak out, you can still call and talk to your peoples,” one tweeted.

Earlier this week, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion –the “largest-ever purchase of a company backed by venture capital,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

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