Three Israeli soldiers arrested for leaks via WhatsApp

The mother of Israeli soldier Tal Yifrah mourns over his flag-covered coffin during his funeral in Rishon Lezion near Tel Aviv July 22, 2014. (Reuters)

Israeli Military Police arrested Tuesday three soldiers from the IDF Manpower Division, the Military Rabbinical Unit and Medical Unit suspected of disclosing information on WhatsApp, Israeli news website Globes reports.

The three soldiers purportedly leaked the names of Golani soldiers killed in Shejiya earlier this week and image of their coffins being sorted via the instant messenger service.

The IDF has decreed to stop the trend of spreading rumors of operational affairs via social media and messaging apps. It has already caused huge emotional trauma to the families of deceased soldiers who received the news of the deaths of their beloved ones before IDF officers could officially inform them.

In at least two incidents parents heard reports that their sons had been killed in action even though they had not even been wounded.

Because the tendency to circulate unfound rumors has increased since the Gaza ground offensive commenced, the IDF has started a campaign with the slogan "Fighting Major Rumors," a phenomenon resulting in distress to many families.

The enquiry by the Military Police is being directed in cooperation with the Israel Police Computer Unit. Details were disclosed this morning after the arrest of the suspected soldiers. The IDF has reaffirmed that circulating information on social media and messaging apps is an offense.

The IDF has also reiterated that the status of soldiers on operation has also been dispersed and that is intelligence known to very few people in the Manpower, Rabbinical and Medical units.

“IDF Radio" (Galei Zahal) reported that a fourth Israeli, a civilian has also been arrested on the same charge.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:44 - GMT 06:44