Palestinians show online solidarity to Ferguson protesters

The tweets started as photos of armed police in riot gear and armoured tanks emerged on Wednesday evening

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Many Palestinians took to social media to show solidarity and share advice on how to deal with tear gas with protesters in the U.S. riot-hit city of Ferguson, Missouri.

The tweets, which were responding to the #Ferguson and #Palestine, started as photos of armed police in riot gear and armoured tanks emerged on Wednesday evening, the Telegraph reported.

On Twitter user @MariamBarghouti wrote: “Solidarity with #Ferguson. Remember to not touch your face when tear-gassed or put water on it.”

Another user @Rajaiabukhalil said: “Always make sure to run against the wind /to keep calm when you're teargassed, the pain will pass, don't rub your eyes! #Ferguson solidarity.”

He wrote: "Will Never forget how #Ferguson chanted Free #Palestine and chanted for #Gaza, it touched my Heart. Stay strong, Freedom demands resilience."

@Rajaiabukhalil also advised protesters not to “keep much distance from the Police, if you're close to them they can't tear Gas.”

“To #Ferguson from #Palestine,” @Rajaiabukhalil added in a sign of solidarity to the demonstrators in Missouri.

“It is always, the oppressed caring for the oppressed. No matter where in the world. #Palestine stands with #Ferguson,” he said.

Protests erupted in Missouri after a police officer fatally shot an unarmed black teenager in a St. Louis suburb who alleging had been suspected of stealing a $48.99 box of cigars from a convenience store in a "strong-arm" robbery shortly before he was killed.

Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson said police fired a teargas canister at a crowd as violence and looting erupted.

On the Palestinian side, negotiations for a sustainable ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians are still ongoing in Cairo.

The 5-week long conflict which erupted on July 8 has so far killed more than 1,900 Palestinians, the majority of them civilians, according to Palestinian and U.N. officials.

Israel has lost 67 people, all but three of them soldiers.