100,000 SnapChat photos leaked after client breach

SnapSaved admitted to a system breach that led to leaking the photos online

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SnapSaved.com – a third-party SnapChat client – announced that its system was hacked, resulting in the leaking of more than 100,000 photos sent by SnapChat users.

SnapChat is an application that allows users to share photos and videos which get automatically deleted seconds after bring viewed. SnapSaved website allows users to log in using their SnapChat credentials and save content sent through the app.

There are other platforms which perform similar functions such as SnapSave, which has denied any involvement in the breach.
SnapSaved responds

An anonymous administrator of SnapSaved posted an elaborate explanation on the website’s Facebook page, in a bid to counter a number of allegations against the service.

“I would like to inform the public that snapsaved.com was hacked,” the Facebook post read.

“SnapChat has not been hacked, and these images do not originate from their database,” the anonymous administrator said in the post.

“As soon as we discovered the breach in our systems, we immediately deleted the entire website and the database associated with it. As far as we can tell, the breach has effected 500MB of images, and 0 personal information From the database.

“I sincerely apologize on the behalf of snapsaved.com we never wished for this to happen. We did not wish to cause SnapChat or their users any harm, we only wished to provide a unique service.”

The statement was released shortly after an anonymous user claimed the leaked content was provided by “the administrator of the site.”

Pointing fingers

SnapChat blamed third-party apps for the privacy breach, without naming SnapSaved, according to media reports.

SnapSave, a popular Android application which also allows users to save SnapChat photos and videos, denied any breach of its system and any link to the leak.

“Our app had nothing to do with it and we've never logged username/passwords,” SnapSave developer Georgie Casey told engadget.com.

SnapSave application is not related to SnapSaved website, despite the similarities in the name.

Snapsaved.com has been taken offline and the address now leads to a Danish e-commerce website.