Advocacy group and Twitter to tackle online sexual harassment

WAM created a new form for Twitter users to report harassment and threats

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A women's advocacy group keen to stamp out online sexual harrassment has teamed up with social microblogging site Twitter to track cases online.

Non-profit U.S.-based advocacy organization Women, Action, and the Media (WAM) has created “a comprehensive but easy-to-use form” in which Twitter users can report harassment and threats, according to a report by The Guardian.

The form will also help in collecting data about the online behavior of harassers in a bid to help Twitter to take more concrete steps to stop them.

“There are a lot of different ways that women are getting harassed and Twitter’s current reporting system isn’t catching all of them,” said WAM executive director Jaclyn Friedman, according to the newspaper.

WAM, which has previously lobbied Facebook into changing its policy on posting violent sexist images, has been granted the ability to “escalate” complaints it receives to Twitter in “24 hours max; hopefully much less than that.”

The new form allows users to list multiple accounts on the social microblogging website.

It also asks a more detailed set of questions than Twitter’s own, such as “Do you fear for your personal safety because of this harassment?” and “How many times have you reported this harassment to Twitter?”

The form aims to become more efficient when it comes to reporting harassment against colored women and those belonging to the LGBT community.

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