Muslim woman in Jeep ad sparks social media storm

The advert included imagery of an Arab woman in an Abaya, as an American folk song played

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An advert by a leading U.S. manufacturer of SUVs featuring a Muslim woman has sparked a mixture of reactions on social media, with some detractors slamming it as “un-American” and defenders praising the commercial for depicting religious diversity.

Set to the tune of the American folk song “This land is your land,” the advert by U.S. automaker Jeep begins with images of American landscapes before moving around the world.

But the inclusion of a Muslim woman in the advert, which was produced for Sunday’s Superbowl, seemed a step too far for some people, British newspaper the Independent reported.

On the website YouTube one user wrote: “Who is in the advertising department? Fire them. This is an American song. AMERICAN. Why showing other foreign countries? Not only that I think it’s an insult to show Muslim women, rather anything muslim related.”

“Maybe #Jeep can sell all their vehicles to MUSLIMS because good Americans shouldn't buy them,” @MilamBill, a Twitter user, said in one post.

Other Twitter users defended the commercial, with some saying it celebrated religious diversity.

“Thank you @Jeep for celebrating diversity by featuring a Muslim woman in your #SuperBowl ad! http://bit.ly/169r074,” one user using the Twitter handle @mpac_national said.

“I've always been a big fan of #Jeep ... And I'm a Muslim Women! The #JeepCommercial was perfect,” ‏@amas_d, another Twitter user said.

“I find it utterly disappointing that there are individuals who are upset about a Muslim woman being in the #Jeep commercial. #SuperBowl #Smh,” Twitter user @InnominateMe276 said in a post.

“Oh no! A Muslim is smiling in a Jeep commercial! Hurry, let's all be offended! Only racist morons are upset by that ad. #JeepCommercial,” @enciteout, another Twitter user, said in a post.

Not everyone was annoyed because of religious prejudices in the commercial; some had other concerns:

“So Jeep did an ad that had a Muslim woman and ppl are mad? Ok, I'm mad too! Bc why does that Muslim lady hate the environment? #GreenDeen,” @HindMakki said in a tweet.