Love spreads on Twitter after ‘Mr Nutella’ dies

Following news of the passing of Michele Ferero fans of Nutella and his other inventions took to Twitter to remember the Italian mogul

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From humble beginnings in an Italian factory, the Nutella spread solidified itself as a go-to comfort chocolate delicacy in households around the world.

Following news of the passing of Michele Ferrero, the man responsible for the iconic hazelnut-chocolate spread, fans of Nutella and his other inventions took to twitter to remember the Italian mogul.

In many of the tweets, fans thank Ferero for “the most amazing tastes in the world” and for bringing them “happiness.”

“Thank you sir for introducing the world to your heavenly products. #RIPMicheleFerrero,” Syed Saddiq tweeted.

Ferrero dreamt up the chocolate-hazelnut Nutella spread, Ferrero Rocher pralines, Kinder eggs and Tic Tac sweets, turning a provincial chocolate factory into what is widely seen as Italy’s most valuable privately-owned company.

A user who goes by the name of @KailaniSarah, tweeted: “Thanks for bringing us happiness #RIPMicheleFerrero”

Others questioned what life would have been without Ferero attaching pictures of his company’s products with their tweets.

Although his company's products garnered world-wide success and fame, Ferrero was a man of few words who shunned publicity, turning a local business from the Piedmont region into a global giant. He had a reputation as a forceful leader, but also as one who maintained generous working conditions and gave back to his community.