Egyptians poke fun with new ISIS hashtag

Some ISIS militants were taking the hashtag more seriously

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A new hashtag #I_will_join_ISIS has been trending in Egypt for the past few days, dividing the population between supporters of the extremist group and their opponents.

It is not clear who started the hashtag but some Egyptians used the social media platform to make fun of the group.

“I will join ISIS to gain a new experience after failing to cook myself lunch,” one user sarcastically wrote.

Another user wrote in Arabic “If I don’t pass my exams, #I_will_join_ISIS,” while @Muhammad_Soda said: “Cigarettes got more expensive so #I_will_join_ISIS.”

Meanwhile, it seems that ISIS militants were taking the hashtag more seriously with one of their members calling on Egyptian Muslims to join ISIS.

“Dear Muslims of Egypt, carry your weapons to the State of Sinai to launch the Islamic Caliphate, instead of following misleading scholars,” he wrote.

Another supporter, @isisgaza10 said: “Supporters of the Islamic State, let it be known our country is victorious in spite of the haters. May Allah reward you.”