Hacker group vows ‘electronic holocaust’ on Israel

The footage, which was delivered in English had Arabic subtitles

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Mysterious hacker group Anonymous has vowed to stage an “electronic holocaust” on Israel next week for their “crimes” in Palestine, UK’s The Independent reported Wednesday.

In a recorded video called “Anonymous Message To Israel,” the group said it would “erase it [Israel] from cyberspace” on April 7 for “crimes in the Palestinian territories.”

“You killed thousands of people, as in the last war against Gaza in 2014. You have shown that you do not respect international law,” a masked figure said in the video.

“We are coming back to punish you again,” the figure added.

“As we did many times, we'll take down your servers, government websites, Israeli military websites, banks, and public institutions. We’ll erase you from cyber-space as we have every year, 7 April 2015, will be an electronic holocaust,” it added.

The footage, which was delivered in English had Arabic subtitles. It portrayed images of last year’s summer war in Gaza.

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