Yemeni expatriates in Saudi Arabia slam Houthi rebels on Twitter

Twitter users who used the hashtag said they were being treated well in the Kingdom

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Yemeni expatriates in Saudi Arabia have expressed total support for Operation 'Decisive Storm' launched by the Kingdom and its Arab allies to restore constitutional legitimacy to Yemen and protect its people against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

To show their support for the operation, a hashtag in Arabic which translates into “I am Yemeni and Houthis do not represent me” was tweeted by a number of Yemeni expatriates to show solidarity with the Kingdom and distance themselves from the Houthis, local Arabic daily al-Madinah reported.

Twitter users who used the hashtag said they were being treated well in the Kingdom, which they described as their second home.

"The relationship between the Kingdom and Yemen is a relationship of good neighborliness with geo-strategic dimensions," a Yemeni expatriate tweeted on the microblogging website.

"Nobody will ever be able to shake the confidence of the Yemenis in their second home. On the contrary, he will make it stronger and more cohesive," he wrote.

Ali Ahmed Al-Amoudi, a Yemeni resident of Jeddah, said he was born, raised and educated in the Kingdom which he considers to be his second home.

"Contrary to the claims made by the Houthis, I am being respected and well treated in the Kingdom," he said while adding that allegations made by Houthis that Yemenis in the Kingdom are being suppressed are mere lies.

Abdullah Al-Qibaisi, another Yemeni expatriate, said Yemenis who are legally residing in the Kingdom are well respected by the government and Saudi citizens.

"Yemenis have been living in the Kingdom since early 1940s. They have merged with Saudi society as they enjoy similar culture, customs and traditions," he said.

Al-Qibaisi said because of the close ties between the two people, a large number of marriages have taken place between Yemenis and Saudis.

Jamal Bahabri said Yemenis enjoy a long history of friendship with the Kingdom which has been very hospitable to them. "We have positively contributed to the process of development in the Kingdom," he said.

Since Operation "Decisive Storm" began, Yemeni expatriates have flooded social media websites with messages of support to the Kingdom and denounced the hostile attitude of the Houthis towards the Kingdom.

"Yemeni expatriates will not sell their religious beliefs or long history in the Kingdom to the Houthis, the supporters of the deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh or Iran," wrote Abdo Qasim.

He said the Kingdom has been graciously hosting all legal Yemeni expatriates and treating them with dignity and respect.

"I openly ask the Houthis not to try to win over Yemenis expatriates to their side. We are against you and your foreign agenda," he wrote.

Salem Fathi said the Houthis do not represent him and are only talking through the tongue of their Iranian masters.

"The Houthis are using their tanks and machine guns to destroy the people in Yemen and are using their media tools to prevent Yemenis in the Kingdom from earning an honest living," he said.

This story was originally reported on the Saudi Gazette on March 31, 2015.

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