‘Countdown to zero hour:’ ISIS supporters on Twitter post Italy threats

The militant group claim their fighters are in central Europe, warning of the countdown ‘till the zero hour’

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Twitter users alleging to be ISIS supporters have posted photos of notes showing the group’s logo with messages warning of the countdown “till the zero hour” near famous Italian landmarks, British media reported on Sunday.

One threatening image shows a message in Arabic reading “Islamic State in Rome. We are in your streets” with Rome’s Colosseum seen in the backdrop, while others show what appears to be Italian emergency services vehicles and train stations.

Another image reads: “Islamic State in Rome. Now is observing and locating for the target. Waiting for the zero hour,” according to the Daily Mail.

As the images emerged, circulating on Twitter in recent weeks, Libyan intelligence claimed that the ISIS is exploiting the Mediterranean refugee emergency to send its fighters into central Europe, as reported by the BBC.

The refugee emergency offered resettlement places across Europe under the emergency summit crisis package that was agreed by EU leaders in Brussels on April 23.

There has been a growing fear of ISIS militants take advantage of the migrants that are crossing the Mediterranean to send fighters to Europe.

In recent months, ISIS has taken control of several cities in Libya, including former President Muammar Qaddafi’s birthplace, Sirte.

Al Arabiya News cannot independently verify the posts or the identities of those behind them.

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