Saudi ‘cancer-stricken girl’ Twitter account exposed as hoax

The surprise at the fake account which used a profile photo of an American cancer patient triggered a variety of reactions

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Many Saudi social media users are left reeling after discovering a twitter account of a ‘Sara Ibrahim’, a young girl with leukemia, was in fact a hoax.

The surprise at the fake account which used a profile photos of an American cancer patient called Esme to gain donations, triggered a host of angry reactions.

The Twitter profile of the account supporting Esme reads: "Esme is 11 and found out in Dec 2013 that she had osteosarcoma. Last chemo was September 2014. Post chemo scans have been clear! http://facebook.com/GoTeamEsme"

Commenting on the Saudi hoax, one twitter user posted: "The [Saudi] investigation department can arrest the imposter through their bank account details” with another user expressing disappointment, “Everyone sympathized with ‘her’ and her ‘sickness’ ... everyone was praying for her and at the end it was all lies within lies.”

The ‘girl’ in question, participated in television programs with call-ins with no video feed, leading many to call for the owner of the account to reveal themselves and their intentions.

The ‘Sara Ibrahim’ account remains silent since the last tweet on Friday; the account has around 74,000 twitter followers.

The trending Arabic hashtag #Sara_Ibrahim_Lies reflected the disappointment of many who believed the fictitious account was that of a child with a terminal illness.

Another tweet from “@Theen_17” was more humorously macabre: “Life is really scary to the point that people will exploit the idea of having cancer to gain fame.”

لعنهتلعنالعدو!!!! طيب الساعهالليظليتابكيفيهاعشانهاوشيهونعليفيها؟ #كذبة_سارة_إبراهيم

— تهانيالنعمي(@Theen_17) May 30, 2015

Many users were calling for people to stay away from the twitter ‘heroics’ and actually visit hospitals with cancer patients including disease stricken children to show true support.

Many tweets also hoped the distasteful stunt would not dissuade people from comforting those who truly deserve it, including young children actually facing cancer.