Egyptian repairman beats Google in search ranking

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Due to a bug with search giant Google, for a time, an Egyptian repairman became one of the most-searched for men in his country.

Eyad Nour, an Egypt-based digital marketer, discovered last month an apparent glitch to Google’s search algorithm, when typing “Google” into Google from Egypt brought up the page of Saber el-Toony, a Cairo-based ventilation and cooling technician.

Toony’s promotional page on Google Plus – a social network little-used in Egypt - only showed some images of the devices he could repair, yet received over 5 million views.

“Nobody should be able to outrank Google for their own name on their own search engine,” wrote Nour.

Nour, who as an internet marketer specializes in boosting client’s rankings in search engine results in a process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), called up Toony on the number he had listed to find out his secret.

“People think I am the “mother company” of Google?” an amused Toony, who seemed completely unaware of his Google ranking said. “This is great. I never thought about that. It all started a week ago when I noticed a lot of people calling me every day.”

Toony added that his business had received such a boost that sometimes he had to turn off his phone so he could sleep.

The only apparent explanation for the Toony had entered a Google search results page for his username into the website field on his Google Plus page – a glitch that Google has since fixed.

Hailing the man who accidentally achieved the wildest dreams of internet marketers worldwide, Nour wrote: “I have found my master. All hail the king. He is more ‘Google’ than Google itself.”