U.N. wants internet chiefs to crack down on ‘digital terror’

‘Growth of high-definition digital terror’ was a ‘worrisome trend’ as ISIS supporters regularly use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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A U.N. report recommends that Internet and social media chiefs report to the United Nations on how they are combatting groups like Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) that use “digital terror.”

The experts’ report released Wednesday said the “scale of digital activity linked to ISIL and, to a lesser extent, some Al-Qaeda affiliates is of deep concern” and that the Security Council should take action. ISIL is another way to refer to ISIS.

The report recommended that a council committee invite Internet and social media companies to give a briefing on their efforts to “respond to the exploitation of their services” by Al-Qaeda, ISIS and their allies.

The experts said the “growth of high-definition digital terror” was a “worrisome trend” as ISIS supporters regularly use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to spread propaganda among young followers.

ISIS has released videos of beheadings and other atrocities to shock and spread fear while its widespread use of Twitter accounts helps reach potential recruits.

The experts’ report said “the digital space is the realm in which the threat may be evolving” from the jihadists in the future.

The European police agency Europol this week announced plans to establish a new police unit tasked with scanning the Internet for ISIS propaganda.