Arab Super Mario ventures Europe as a refugee

The new game was created by Syrian tech developer Samir al-Mufti, a pseudonym

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A young Syrian man has developed a new game out of the much-loved Super Mario, the fictional hero who rescues the princess in the famous video game, and has turned him into a Syrian refugee going through an adventure that he may not necessarily win this time.

The new video game was created by Samir al-Mufti, a pseudonym, who chose to base the game after Mario because of the fictional character’s ability to reach people from different ages and walks of life.

The video game shows the journey of refugees as they escape injustice in their country and arrive in ivory towers, which are sometimes represented by tents on European territory.

The video game user, through Mario, begins the game’s first level with only one life which if he loses, will have to start all over again.

He then begins the journey with a bag of cash, and the more cash it contains, the happier the smuggler and the safer the trip from Turkey's shores to Greece.

The path continues later to Hungary where real trouble lies as either a huge fence or iron bars block Mario, all the while being chased by security forces.

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