‘I Protect’ app launched to combat forced disappearances in Egypt

Rights group hopes the messages will help them to react more quickly during first 24 hours of an arrest

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Forced disappearance has become one of the latest phenomenon in Egypt, according to Egyptian human rights group, and in response have created a phone app to protect citizens.

The Android app, I Protect, allows users to key in a code when they are being detained that automatically sends three text messages to contacts and an email containing the location of their arrest to the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms.

The group created the smartphone app in response to the increase in recent forced disappearances by the country’s security forces.

According to a report by the organization, in the first eight months of 2015, 1,250 people disappeared in Egypt.

The human rights group hopes the messages will help them to react more quickly during the first 24 hours of an arrest.

“Being able to speak out about the arrest of an activist or protestor in the first hours contributes to the person’s transfer from police to prosecution during the legal time from of 24 hours.” Mohammed Lotfy, executive director of ECRF, told British-daily The Guardian.

“This prevents their detention incommunicado, or worse their forced disappearance, and therefore reduces the risks of being subjected to torture or other ill treatment.”