So long #Brangelina! Twitter is swarmed with Jennifer Aniston memes

On social media, memes of Pitt’s ex-wife Aniston show her as exhilarated over the breakup

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Soon after the news that Hollywood’s A-list couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are divorcing, Twitter is swarmed with memes of Jennifer Aniston having her payback!

Though together for 12 years, Pitt and Jolie Pitt - known as “Brangelina” - only wed in August 2014. Before his marriage to Jolie, who filed for the divorce, he was married to Aniston.


Their initial romance sparked a tabloid avalanche unlikely any in recent memory. Pitt and Jolie became close in 2005 while filming ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith,’ prompting widespread speculation - consistently denied by the couple - that Jolie prompted Pitt’s divorce from Aniston.

Pitt and Aniston announced their separation in January 2005.

On social media, memes of Aniston show her as exhilarated over the breakup but some others tried to tone down her alleged jubilation.

“Have we thought that maybe Jennifer Aniston doesn't actually care about a decade-old relationship?,” one Twitter user queried.

Other social media users, pondered the old adage “what comes around, goes around”. ‘Karma’s sweet revenge’ was how tabloid Page Six reported that Pitt cheating with French actress Marion Cotillard as a possible reason behind the split.

According the Page Six, Jolie hired a private investigator to spy on Pitt’s whereabouts as he goes about with his new film ‘Allied’ with Cotillard, only to discover the affair -- a throwback on how the estranged couple met 14 years ago.

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