Donald Trump ‘an exceptional man’, Dubai’s former police chief tweets

During the long presidential race, Dhahi Khalfan defended Trump and wished him victory

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Former Commander in Chief of Dubai Police Dhahi Khalfan praised US President-elect Donald Trump, saying he is an “exceptional man with outstanding views”.

The views were expressed on his official Twitter account on Monday.

Immediately after the announcement of Trump’s victory in the presidential election on his democratic rival Hillary Clinton on November 8, the former commander in chief wrote some words of admiration for Trump.

[Translation: Trump will make American great again and will do away with the Iran nuclear deal. He should probably add the Muslim Brotherhood to his list.]

[Translation: Eight years were given to the Democrats and Obama. One step forward, two steps back on the Iran file. Enough.]

During the long presidential race, Khalfan defended Trump and wished him victory, since he considered him “the fittest man for the job”.

Khalfan explained that outgoing President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have given Iran an important regional position at the expense of the Gulf states.

Online users in the Gulf have expressed apprehension over the election of Trump because of his anti-immigrant and anti-Muslims views.