VIDEO: Hezbollah fighter: Time to leave, Russia has stolen Syria from us

The Hezbollah fighter said they have killed many syrians but Russia and Iran own Syria now

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A video has emerged online apparently showing a Hezbollah fighter saying: “We have killed a lot of Syrians, but we are going back to Lebanon because Russia has stolen Syria from us.”

The unidentified man speaking on the video adds: “We have killed many Syrians, we now want to move to Lebanon to kill the Israelis. We are going to liberate the neighboring cities from Israel. We don’t want to fight in Syria anymore, we don’t want Syria anymore. Syria is for the Russians. The Russians took it from us. We will liberate Israel.”

“Our friend Hussein Murtada, is now in Lebanon after his legs were injured by rebel artillery shells.”

“We are disgusted by Syria. We are not the head over there anymore. The Iranians and the Russians are.”

“We’re just going to hand over Syria to Russia and Iran, anyway the Syrian regime doesn’t own any territories in Syria. There is no Syrian army, Syria is Hezbollah, pro-Assad Afghani Fatimiyun Shiite militia, the Popular Mobilization Units militias, and Iran's Revolutionary Guards. Us, Hezbollah, we are done.”

Al Arabiya cannot verify the authenticity of the video.

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