Meet the announcer behind the Muslim prayer for travel on Saudi Airlines

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When anyone boards a Saudi Arabian airlines flight, they will definitely hear the captain say: “Now we will listen to the traveling Dua’a (Muslim prayer)”.

A soothing voice then comes on that comforts travelling Muslims buries the roaring sounds of the airplane’s engines are turned on.

Adel Barbaa is the voice that millions hear before taking off on Saudi Airlines for 11 years.

Barbaa, 40, spoke to Al Arabiya about the challenges he faces: “I was always passionate about the Arabic maqam and the melodic modes. I loved traveling with my grandfather where I recited the travelling Duaa. I also loved imitating sounds, especially the voice of Badr al-Karin, the former voice of the plane ride guidance. I trained very hard and faced many difficulties to have a professional voice.”

He added: “I tried to communicate with people who helped me improve my vocal cords; I frequented audio studios until I reached the stage of recording professional business audio tapes for private actors. In turn, they choose the right audio tapes out of dozens.”

He continued: “I was twenty-eight when I was chosen to be the voice of the plane ride guidance of Saudi Arabia Airlines and reciter of the traveling Duaa, becoming a voice with an identity. Saudi Airlines were keen to hire someone with a grandeur voice, clear phonology and clarity of recitation to reach the heart of the young and the old alike.”

Barbaa explained that the reaction of his family and friends was exhilarating. They always record the seconds that follow the takeoff while some scream with joy shouting that the reciter of the Duaa is one of their relatives.

“As for myself, I am proud that my voice represents the safety of the passengers.”

He concluded that until very recently, he re-registered some additional sentences in the instructions like new airline contracts and some emerging alerts. I previously used to say “Dear Travelers”, now I say “Dear guests.”

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