How a Facebook video helped solve murder mystery in Egypt

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A video posted on Facebook by an Egyptian woman helped solve the murder mystery of a young Egyptian man identified as Farid Shawki al-Shehabi.

Shehabi, who’s in his 30’s and who works as an apartments and real estate broker, was tragically killed by men who abducted him from a café in Cairo on Saturday.

Six armed men kidnapped him and forced him into their car but Shehabi fought back and managed to open the car’s door – while it was moving – and appealed for help. Passersby thought this was some sort of prank but a girl took photos and a video of the incident and posted them on Facebook thus helping security forces solving the crime.

Few hours later, Shehabi was found dead in Qalyubia. Security forces contacted his sister, Faten, who told them her brother was kidnapped by 6 gunmen from a café in Cairo, adding that passersby and the café owner witnessed the incident.

Faten said some people tried to save her brother but the gunmen threatened them.

According to Faten, her brother had reported one of his colleagues for suspicious and illegal activity.

The video posted on Facebook helped security forces get the plate number of the car in which Shehabi was abducted. A security official said one of the perpetrators was apprehended and he confessed to the abduction and murder of Shehabi.

The suspect said the motive was related to money, the official said, adding that the former informed the authorities who the other suspects are and they will thus be arrested.