UNVEILED: King Salman tweet among top 100 global retweets

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Twitter has come up with a list of tweets that made headlines throughout the year reflecting on the year and how 2017 unfolded.

According to the social networking service, during the year, the most Retweeted Tweets in Saudi Arabia were from King Salman @KingSalman when he tweeted in celebration of Saudi Arabia’s National Day. This tweet falls under the top 100 Global Retweets.

The second one was when the King tweeted his wishes for the Saudi people on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr.

Another top tweet in Saudi Arabia this year was by football player @fahad_almowalad who Tweeted congratulatory remarks following the Kingdom’s qualification for the 2018 World Cup.

Following Saudi Arabia’s announcement of permitting women to drive in the country, people both locally and globally took to Twitter to express their feelings, generating over 2 million Tweets in a short span of one week.

‘Retweets Challenge’

The region also witnessed the launch of the “Retweets Challenge”.

Carter Wilkerson’s (@carterjwm) call for a year’s supply of free nuggets from @Wendys was heard around the globe, and became the most Retweeted Tweet with 3.6 million Retweets, surpassing Ellen’s infamous selfie as the most Retweeted Tweet of all time.

The trend continued and spread across the MENA region, where Saudi National, AbdulAziz (@Mr_Abdul3ziz) Tweeted to a well-known fast food chain (@ShawarmerSA) asking for the number of Retweets it would take for them to donate 100 Shawarma sandwiches to underprivileged workers, which then spread to other brands as well.

Following are some of the other top trending tweets that has generated hashtags so far this year.