Outrage over viral photo of veiled woman in Mercedes at food bank in Germany

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A photo of a veiled woman in Landau, Germany leaving a Mercedes in front of a food bank went viral and caused outrage in the country.

The food bank gives out food that is almost reaching its expiry date to poor people for free.


The picture was shared over 30,000 times mostly by people opposed to immigrants who interpreted the photo as a hijabi woman taking advantage of the free food, even though she was “obviously” rich.

The woman was seen holding the backdoor of the luxury car while a group of other veiled women stood in front of the food bank.

The widespread hate around the image forced the food bank to issue a statement shunning the rumors surrounding the woman.

They said that the image is severely misinterpreted, and the car was actually picking the woman up from in front of the food bank as she cannot walk the distance herself due to her old age. They clarified that the woman’s neighbors are the ones who own the car and offered to give her a ride.

The food bank added that those neighbors do not receive food from the facility, and were only helping the poor woman.

They said that the picture was shared in a way that incited hate towards immigrants and assumed that the food bank does not do background checks on people who receive the food items.

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