‘African Days’… Al Arabiya re-discovers the Dark Continent

Al Arabiya will air the first episode of the documentary on Friday August 19 at 2:30pm (KSA time) / 11:30am (GMT)

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For the first time Al-Arabiya channel goes on a thrilling adventure through the eyes of the explorer, revealing facts that were previously omitted from Africa’s history, or deliberately disregarded by orientalists.

In a bid to retrace the Arab’s steps through history, Al Arabiya News Channel is launching a new TV series focusing on the continent and its relationship with Islam and the Middle East.

According to the history books, Arabs entered Africa many decades before Islam. They traded as merchants on the vast African continent as incense traders at that time. After the birth of Islam, they ruled and built castles, fought battles, experiencing victories on many counts. Some of that history is still engraved on the stone walls of the city of Zanzibar.

In this new series Al Arabiya presenter and resident anthropologist Eid Al-Yahya looks into the books of history and tries to correlate it with the geography in a new series called “African Days.”

Al Arabiya spent months preparing and training in order to film the program across several African countries, weathering harsh drought and sandstorms during production.

Al-Arabiya dedicates the first episode to Massai tribes and Tanzania.

With its tribes, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, lakes and animals, this part of Africa was a destination divulging the marvelous humanitarian and natural diversity.

The tribes in Tanzania do not have common customs and traditions with any other tribe in the world. The country involves fabulous volcanoes, lakes, Arab civilization, palaces and sultans.

In the first episode of “African Days”, Al Arabiya tackles the chronicles of the trip undertaken by the crew and the main highlights of its journey led by presenter Eid al-Yahya.

Yahya stood up against the monopoly of Orientalists in Africa after accomplishing his mission in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula. Explorations and documentations will be the main pillars of the documentary series that covers the excitement and thrill of showing the real African region.

The first episode of the documentary airs on Al Arabiya on Friday August 19 at 2:30pm (KSA time) / 11:30am (GMT).

Then it will be shown again on Saturday 10:30 pm (KSA time) / 7:30pm (GMT), and Tuesday at 1:15am (KSA time) / 10:15pm (GMT).
The last rerun of each episode will be every Thursday morning at 4:30am (KSA time) / 1:30am (GMT).

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