Al Arabiya’s Nadine Kirresh’s first 360 report from Venice Film Festival

This 360-degree coverage allows viewers to experience the romantic city of Venice like never before

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Al Arabiya’s Nadine Kirresh, covers the 73rd edition of the Venice Film Festival, using the latest online video technology.

For the first time, this 360-degree coverage allows viewers to experience the romantic city of Venice like never before, finally allowing them to view the festival from every angle.

This year, the annual film festival kicked off with an opening of the drama ‘La La Land” directed by American screenwriter Damien Chazelle.

Kirresh interviews Danish co-director and film maker Andreas Dalsgaard of a documentary on the Syrian conflict titled ‘The War Show”.

This year’s Venice Film Festival features over 75 films competing in various sections.

The high-tech video can be viewed on the YouTube app on any smart device, or using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browsers on a desktop or laptop.

To experience the full feature, merely swipe the screen according to the angle and view you desire.

Mobile device users, please click HERE to view this video in the YouTube app if your browser does not support 360 videos.

“We see the world around us in a three dimensional space, something that until recently could not easily be replicated with video or film technologies,” Kirresh told Al Arabiya English.

“Today, thanks to new technology advancements, the world can be brought to us in a far more realistic way with the help of immersive 360-degree videos.”

Kirresh said she was convinced when a producer friend of hers suggested the idea, fully aware that the 360- video was revolutionizing news reporting.

She began toying with the idea while she was in Los Angeles filing segments for her weekly cinema program ‘The Big Screen’.

Kirresh explained that it was both ‘simple’ and ‘complicated’ filing the 360 clips, since creating these videos involves a whole new approach to filming.

“What may be interesting in 2D video is not necessarily so in 360-degree video. The camera must be positioned in specific ways to create usable videos, and the weirdest thing is that the cameraman has to go hide once the camera is turned on,” she said.

Kirresh says they hope to produce more immersive videos and coverage in this new and advanced format.

“You can certainly bet that virtual reality will become a reality on our network in the near future, so stay tuned!”