Former Jordan minister reveals Kissinger’s relationship with PLO

Former Jordanian information minister, diplomat and political adviser, Adnan Abu Odeh

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Jordan’s King Hussein Bin Talal once suggested founding a “United Arab Kingdom” between Jordan and the West Bank, says former Jordanian information minister, diplomat and political adviser, Adnan Abu Odeh.

The idea originated from an earlier proposal by the former Jordanian prime minister, Wasfi Al Tal, by implementing a "federation between Jordan and the West Bank”.

King Hussein’s plan was doomed to fail. The reasons, according Abu Odeh, was the opposition of three parties, namely: Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leader Yasser Arafat, and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

Abu Odeh says each of the three parties had their own reasons for opposing the idea. “Israel considered the West Bank as a liberated Israeli territory, not a Jordanian occupied land, while Sadat wanted to keep playing the Palestinian card to use it during peace negotiations. As for Arafat, he believed that liberating the West Bank was the key to a free Palestinian state,” he said.

He noted that even though the Jordanians promised Arafat complete sovereignty over the West Bank, he refused to believe them.

Abu Odeh told Al Arabiya’s Political Memory program that former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was the reason people linked a Palestinian state with the PLO.

Kissinger was the one who proposed the idea to former Egyptian Foreign Minister Ismail Fahmi. The latter then presented the scheme to Sadat, who approved it.

Abu Odeh claims that Arafat was completely ignorant of this fact and did not realize the repercussions of “turning the West Bank from an occupied land to a disputed one!”.

Abu Odeh accused President Arafat of “not understanding the first thing about Zionism.”