How Saudi forces thwart Houthi infiltrators

Reporter’s notes: Al Arabiya’s Hani al-Sufayan recalls dangerous missions while embedded with the Saudi army near the border regions

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Al Arabiya channel has accompanied several units of paratroopers and Special Forces to the Saudi-Yemeni borders and documented the military operation that confronted a group of Houthi infiltrators who tried to trespass the international borders to plant mines.

Al Arabiya’s correspondent was walking quietly at one of these operations, with likely danger lurking in the empty buildings. Shortly after he took a few steps towards the bottom of the valley, which is surrounded by trees, bushes, livestock and rodents who do not appear to the naked eye.

But everyone knew the enemy was there.

In reality, the picture may actually be clearer than the video that was shot through the night-vision camera carried by the photographer of Al Arabiya, preceding a tactical formation of units of paratroopers and Special Forces, to directly report and convey the resistance of the Special Forces against the firing by the militia who tried to pass the Saudi border.

VIDEO: Al Arabiya’s Hani al-Sufayan report from Jazan [Arabic]

By day, the units of paratroopers and Special Forces moved at a rapid pace. By night, they use stealth and execute high-risk operations without so much as a whisper, equipped with state of-the-art technology.

No one can get away.

The units of paratroopers and Special Forces of the ground forces are like the surgical scalpel of Saudi forces, achieving groundbreaking victories on the ground, in the sky and the sea.

This article is also available in Arabic.

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