British media reacts to James Foley alleged executioner’s accent

The Daily Mail, along with The Telegraph, reported that the killer spoke with a London or southern English accent

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The man who reportedly killed U.S. photojournalist James Foley in a video released by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been reported by a number of British media outlets to have a British accent.

“If the British-accented IS fighter in the video is confirmed as British, he will be seen as the most extreme example yet of a fighter travelling from the UK to take part in brutal violence as part of the militant Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) movement,” an article in the Telegraph read.

The Daily Mail, along with The Telegraph, reported that the killer spoke with a London or southern English accent.

The Guardian newspaper also identified his accent to British, while The Week weekly magazine has already called him a “British jihadist.”

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond acknowledged the killer’s British accent, according to the Telegraph.

British Intelligence agencies are trying to identify the man’s identity after detecting his British accent, the Telegraph reported.

The killer’s accent shows the direct threat ISIS poses on the security of the United Kingdom, Hammond told BBC Radio 4.

The ISIS video titled “A Message To America” begins with footage earlier this month of Obama announcing his decision to authorize military airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS targets.

“I call on my friends, family and loved ones to rise up against the real criminals, the U.S. government, for what will happen to me is only the result of their complacency and criminality,” the man, who the masked man later identifies as Foley, said.

“My message to my beloved parents: save me some dignity and don’t accept any meager compensation for my death from the same people who effectively hit the last nail in my coffin with their recent areal campaign in Iraq,” the man, who is dressed in orange clothes, said.

The masked man then addresses the camera saying, “this is James Wright Foley, an American citizen of your country. As a government you have been at the forefront of the aggression toward the Islamic State [ISIS]. You have plotted against us and gone far out of your way to find reasons to interfere in our affairs.”

“Today, your military air force is attacking us daily in Iraq, your strikes have caused casualties amongst the Muslims,” the man, speaking in what sounded like a British accent, said.

“You [the United States] are no longer fighting an insurgency, we are an Islamic army and a state that has been accepted by a large number of Muslims worldwide.

The man warns Obama that any attempt to “deny the Muslims their rights of living in safety under the Islamic Caliphate will result in bloodshed of your people,” before conducting the execution.

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