E-terrorism targeting 17 million in Saudi Arabia, says expert

Daajah said terrorist organizations implement their agenda through the use of “emotional and passionate” messages.

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Around 17 million Saudis are at risk of falling victim to electronic terrorism, according to an expert in security affairs and social media issues.

Hassan Al-Daajah was quoted by Al-Watan as saying that there are more than 46,000 websites supporting ISIS.


“When we find that about 17 million Saudi men and women are using the Internet, we will realize the magnitude of the electronic danger threatening our society,” he said. He warned that if the concerned authorities in the Kingdom do not move fast, the possibility of ISIS influencing society would become greater.

“Websites are good propaganda tools for Daesh because they are away from physical control, supervision or restrictions." Al-Daajah added, referring to ISIS as "Daesh", an Arabic term for the militant group.

“These sites are easily accessible and they are spreading among all members of Saudi society.”

Daajah said terrorist organizations implement their agenda through the use of “emotional and passionate” messages.

“They also try to belittle and falsify the ideas and thoughts of the moderate scholars by misrepresenting them,” he added.

He said terrorist organizations would also exploit international events that affect Muslims and link them directly to the decisions of Arab and Islamic governments.

“The terrorists present the Arab and Islamic governments as puppets of the Western countries to convince young Muslims that all the disasters that befall Muslims are the fault of these governments,” he said.

Ibrahim Zamzami, lawyer and legal consultant, said under the law the propagators of media crimes will be sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, a fine of SR5 million or both. He explained that media crimes include the establishment of terrorist websites, facilitating communications with the leaders or members of such organizations, attending meetings with terrorists inside the Kingdom or abroad, propagating their ideas, showing them how to manufacture explosives and providing them with support in any form.

This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette on May 18, 2015.

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