Pakistani scholars body says Qatar media’s attack on Saudi scholars ‘absurd’

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Sheikh Tahir al-Ashrafi, head of the Council of Pakistani Scholars, said that the attack by the Qatari media on the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia is “regrettable, absurd, illogical, and lacks reason and wisdom.”

Ashrafi called upon Qatar’s scholars and intellectuals to stop the Qatari media attacks on religious symbols. He added that if this was being said about Muslim scholars, what else could they say about others.

He said that “the difference is on the political level, but the attack on scholars is unacceptable and this is against the teachings of Islam,” adding that what is happening is very strange.

“The Council of Pakistani Scholars is asking Qatar’s scholars to stand against their media and reject what has been said. The senior scholars in Saudi Arabia are the pride of the Islamic nation,” Ashrafi said.

He said that the Pakistani scholars refuse to countenance what is happening, and added “we want the Emir of Qatar to return to the Gulf Cooperation Council and reject the interference of any foreign party in Islam, which is full of tolerance and ambitions. He closed the doors in front of any foreign parties, especially those following the Safavid tide that they don’t want to expand at the expenses of the current crisis.”

“The words of the Qatari media against the Council of Senior Saudi Scholars are unacceptable and we do not expect any Muslim to address any of the Islamic scholars with such words,” he added.

The head of the council said that they encourage dialogue and reject the low level of the Qatari media and those who support it. He hoped that all the media would adhere to professionalism and rationality and not be a means to fuel the chaos. He reiterated that they reject any insult against any Islamic religious body anywhere.

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