Egypt’s ‘Shut up your mouse Obama’ woman wants own TV show

‘I love the American people because they are good, they are not violent’ says Muna al-Beheiri

Hind Mustafa - Al Arabiya News, Dubai
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Muna al-Beheiri, the middle-aged Egyptian woman who famously told Obama to shut up his “mouse,” said she would welcome the idea of hosting her own TV program were she's given the chance.

Beheiri, whose rant in a TV interview went viral online, was a surprise star of this week’s Arab Media Forum in Dubai. Crowds of people rushed to have their picture taken with her, forcing organizers to provide additional chaperones.

During one of the forum’s sessions, Egyptian TV anchor Jihan Mansour discussed the craze around Beheiri, and said that a satellite channel had offered Beheiri her own program, without providing any names.

Speaking to Al Arabiya News, Beheiri denied the claim, but said she would welcome the idea if given the opportunity.

“I would host a program, as long as it supports the institution of any country, whether Egypt or any country, even Qatar, because I love the Qatari people, but not the Qatari officials. Also America, I love the American people because they are good, they are not violent,” Beheiri said on the sidelines of the Arab Media Forum.

The mother of three admitted she did not expect all the fame after she made her public statement a few months ago.

“Of course I did not expect all this at all, because I have been saying a lot of things to the media over the past year,” she said.

Beheiri had made her famous statement, addressed to U.S. President Barack Obama, on Egypt’s Yaqeen channel. A remix of her rant later went viral on the web.

“I thought I wouldn’t lose anything, I’ll say what I have to say, whether they aired or not, I was then surprised to see it go viral on the mobile phones."

Going back to basics, Beheiri explained exactly why she felt the urge to speak up addressing President Obama himself.

“Obama interfered in the Egyptian judicial system, he criticized the verdicts against members of the Muslim Brotherhood, even though some of these verdicts freed some members of the Brotherhood,” she said.

“Obama also interfered in Egypt’s affairs by saying that our revolution was a coup, and our revolution was never a coup, it was the coup of all the people, by all means, against the corrupt system,” she added.

Furthermore, Beheiri stressed that Egypt never interfered in the U.S. affairs, and urged Obama to respect that.

Beheiri said that no one from Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s presidential campaign had contacted her, despite her committed and public support to Egypt’s former army chief.

But Beheiri said she has certainly caught the attention of some of Sisi’s opponents.

“[Sisi’s foes] have attacked me verbally in the streets, but never physically,” she said.

Beheiri said her family were at first worried for her safety, as well as that of her children. “When I went to the streets my daughter and my youngest son used to come along… but after we [protesters] started getting attacked at [Tahrir] square, using chains, Molotov and Pepsi bottles, among other things, I stopped taking my children,” she said.

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