Egypt TV anchor furious after his program was ‘cut’ live

On his Facebook page, Wael al-Ibrashi announced that the show was abruptly cut “because of pressures enforced by ministers”

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A television presenter on Egypt’s Dream 2 TV announced that he will not be making an appearance on air after Egyptian authorities allegedly cut the broadcast of his evening program on Sunday, adding that will not return until government “pressure” eases off, Egypt Independent newspaper reported on Monday.

Speaking to the newspaper, Wael al-Ibrashi, who hosts “al-Ashira Masa’an” (Ten PM) on Egypt’s Dream 2 channel said his primary allegiance was to the viewer and not to a minister or an official.

On his Facebook page, Ibrashi announced that the show was abruptly cut “because of pressures enforced by ministers,” adding that such an act does not “diminish my faith in the June 30 revolution, nor the national project represented by President Sisi, but increased my certainty some ministers do not deserve to belong to this government.”

The broadcast cut came after “the ministers of health, education and housing threatened Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab that they will resign if Ibrashi continues criticizing them and airing reports about their work,” the newspaper said quoting a source close to the anchor.

Going forth

The source claimed that the channel’s management notified Ibrashi of the political issue, but he decided to go forth with his reports.

The controversial reports Ibrashi was planning to discuss were the death of a student inside a school after the glass of a badly-maintained window fell on his neck, the collapse of a factory building, and the incident of lady giving birth in the street, after a hospital allegedly refused to admit her.

The Ministry of Education spokesman Hani Kamal said the ministry was not “directly nor indirectly” involved in the broadcast cut, adding that it is aware of its responsibilities, working effortlessly on reforms, and “welcomes constructive criticism.”