Turkey’s media watchdog fines popular show for ‘immorality’

A popular show was fined by Turkey’s media watchdog for showing male contestants dancing with other women other than their wives or girlfriends

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A popular TV show in Turkey was fined 410,000 liras ($177,293.9) after the country’s media watchdog described one of its episodes as “immoral” and “ruining family values,” Hurriyet Daily News reported Saturday.

In one episode of “Ben Bilmem Eşim Bilir” which means “I Don't Know, My Partner Knows,” husbands or boyfriends were shown dancing with other women while their partners had to watch.

The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) deemed the episode - aired on Nov. 16 - offensive and found it to be “against public morality” and “ruining the family structure.”

According to the Hurriyet, the female contestants did not feel at ease at the spectacle, with some exclaiming remarks such as “Really? Is this a joke? I will kill him.”

To their defense, RTÜK said this “encouraged men to cheat on their wives and provided an environment that would harm family tranquility.”

It added that the show “degraded women to the level of a sexual object.”

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