‘Videobomber’ startles reporter on live television

KTLA news anchor screams when 'videobombed' on national televesion

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In a clip that has since gone viral, a Los Angeles news anchor is seen screaming at the top of her lungs after random man startles her by “videobombing” the report.

The entire incident was broadcasted live on local channel KTLA on Tuesday while Wendy Burch reported on the most likely candidate city to host the Summer Olympics 2024.

The next day, she wrote on Facebook: “I've gone viral, baby! At last count, getting the b******s scared out me live on the KTLA Morning News has received over 500,000 views.”

Burch denied racism accusations, and wrote: “And for those of you who have commented that I was only scared because he was a black guy... ‪#‎ShameOnYou.

“I was scared because he creeped up on me... I could NOT see him out of my peripheral vision and I do NOT have eyes in the back of my head.

“In fact, if you re-watch the video... it looks like my reaction scared the sh*t out of him too!

“I may also want to consider reducing my morning caffeine intake.”

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