‘The Twilight Glow’, first Sudanese series airs on Saudi TV

First step in the visual media cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Sudan initiated by cultural channel

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The Saudi cultural channel decided to air the Sudanese series ‘The Twilight Glow’ starting Friday, in a gesture that was interpreted by many as a sign of a cultural openness to Arab countries, and a first step in the visual media cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

‘The Twilight Glow’ is the first Sudanese drama aired on the Saudi television since its launch in 1965.

The series was produced in 2002, starring Musa Amir, Saleh Abdul Qadir, Fatima Ahmed, Sahar Ibrahim and Abdul Rahman al-Shibli.

Fatah al-Badawi is the director, script and story writer. It’s a social series with a hint of ironic comedy and wit.

Abdel Aziz Eid, director of the cultural channel, stated: “We have a common vision in opening up to our Arab heritage.

This will be followed by other initiatives as we try to diminish the cultural differences echoed in the dialect, and we will also aim to catch the audiences’ attention and not simply broadcast daily plain content. We shall take important steps in this path."

“The dialect is not a barrier between us and our brothers in Sudan. I have received some feedback from some viewers and we will consider them,” he added

‘The Twilight Glow’ will be broadcasted at 11pm and will re-run at noon, for an entire month, except on Friday. “My colleagues and I are delighted with this step. We believe in and encourage Arab nationalism and we think we will be successful, because there is a feeling of deep mutual love between us and our Sudanese brothers, whether they live among us, or in Sudan,” Eid said.

He stressed that if the series was able to attract 50, 000 viewers, he will consider it a success, at a time when the number of Sudanese in the Kingdom is approaching 800,000 making them the largest Sudanese community in the world.

This article is also available in Arabic.

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