Moroccan MP’s ‘healing power’: Complaint against Egyptian TV channel

Al-Mawled channel used Idrissi’s photo during a show and defamed him by airing content that amounted to fraud

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The Moroccan Justice and Development Parliamentary Bloc has filed complaint against what they call a dubious program on an Egyptian television channel after the privately-owned channel broadcast a show claiming a member of its parliament as a “spiritual healer”.

The bloc has called for an inquiry against Al-Mawled channel and has submitted an official request to the ministry of foreign affairs on the matter. According to the Al-Arabiya correspondent, who has read this request, the complaint relates to Abu Zayd al-Moqraa al-Idrissi, a Justice and Development Bloc MP in Morocco.

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According to the party, Al-Mawled television channel used Idrissi’s photo during a show and defamed him by airing content that amounted to fraud. The channel also broadcast three Egyptian phone numbers so that people could call and get answers for their “psychological, emotional, sexual, financial and spiritual problems.”

The television station also telecast a poll claiming that people are satisfied with Idrissi’s services. It also claimed that Idrissi has been in Egypt for a short time and his healing techniques have helped resolve 7,000 problems.

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The complaint, which is signed by the bloc’s chief Saadeddine Othmani, Idrissi has not visited Egypt in four and a half years. He is, on the contrary, mentioned as a former scholar specialized in linguistics. Morocco’s ministry of foreign affairs has also been urged to act decisively and put an end to the Egyptian channel’s defamation and make them tender an apology.

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