In an interview today, Mohammed bin Salman to tackle Saudi, regional issues

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Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman will tackle varied topics in an interview broadcast today on Al Arabiya TV in parallel with Saudi TV.

The interview will focus on many issues particularly the one concerning the 10 million citizens registered in Saudi Arabia’s electronic portal ‘Saudi Citizen’.

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During the interview, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed said that the Saudi authorities are working towards benefiting the largest possible number of registered citizens from this initiative.

On the issues of corruption, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman confirmed “No one involved in corruption will be spared."

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About Yemen, The deputy crown prince said the Arab coalition forces are “able to root out Houthi and Saleh militias in a few days."

On another file, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accused "media of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood" of working to destabilize relations between Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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Regarding Iran, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed pointed out that Iranian doctrine’s aim “is to control the Islamic world, and that their logic is to pave the way for the arrival of Al Mahdi.”

Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed also noted that 13% of the world trade passes through the Red Sea, noting that "Saudi Arabia provides zero services."

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Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will speak on several important issues concerning Saudi, Gulf and Arab citizens, in particular Saudi Vision 2030 and other local and regional issues.

The interview will be aired 17:30 GMT.

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