Has this Egyptian Ramadan TV series ‘ruined’ the reputation of air hostesses?

Shounaz Meky

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An Egyptian TV drama on the lives of flight attendants sparked controversy after viewers claimed it incorrectly portrays the lives of cabin crew, prompting an angry response from those actually in the job.

Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek, starring as an air hostess in the new series “Ard Gaw”, is being accused of ruining the reputation of female flight attendants in Egypt.

The series being aired this month is about the hijacking of an aircraft, and Ghada -- the main character -- is accused of hijacking a plane and is struggling to prove her innocence.

The first episode showed hostesses drinking alcohol and some pilots cheating on their wives and harassing their colleagues.

This, in the eyes of some Egyptian viewers, was described as an inappropriate representation of female flight attendants in Egypt.

It even prompted an angry response from the General Union of Egyptian Flight Attendants, who denounced the series in a press release, claiming the drama “discredits the nature of the job.”

The statement accused the producers of being “ignorant” with the nature of the job of flight attendants.

Producers of the show responded to the wave of criticism in a statement in which they stressed “their full respect and appreciation for the profession of air hospitality.”

They explained that such scenes were part of a dramatic plot that tells the stories of fictional characters.

“The events of the series do not in any way criticize the profession of air hospitality; nor any other professions related to aviation. The series does not discuss specific professions, rather, it discusses the details of an event and social issues,” the statement said.